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STUBBORN LOWER BODY FAT can be ridiculously frustrating…. especially when your diet is clean, and exercise is disciplined and on point.

From my experience, if you are ESTROGEN DOMINANT then no number of squats, cardio, keto style dieting, or fasting will get your lower body lean.  To get a lean lower body, your focus must start WITH HORMONAL BALANCE. 

An excess of estrogen is directly related to LOWER BODY FAT.  Legs……and in particular ……. thighs have a high number of estrogen receptors. These receptors are designed to pair and bind with estrogen. 

Estrogen dominance can be insidious, frustrating and problematic for so many people. Estrogen dominance is a real issue for those trying to get lean or improve body composition.

Estrogen and Body Fat

The science is clear.   Excess estrogen promotes fat storage around the hips and thighs.  

Recent research from Dr. Sylvia Tara (PHD) from the University of California has concluded the following interesting findings on estrogen and fat storage.

  • Estrogen promotes fat storage around the hips and thighs.
  • Women store fat more readily than men. Your gender affects not only how much fat an individual has but also where the fat is distributed.
  • Estrogen causes the preferential storage of fat to the thighs and butt.  Testosterone causes preferential storage of fat to the belly.
  • The effects of sex hormones on fat are so powerful that when men are given estrogen, they gain body-fat overall.  This can even occur when calorie ranges stay the same. Not only is there fat gain fat, but fat is also gained disproportionally in the thighs and buttocks.  The same is true in reverse.  When women are given androgens like testosterone, they lose fat in their hips and thighs and gain fat in their bellies.

The focus at ProComp is to address these issues using nutritional and lifestyle strategies. We recommend a Pro-Metabolic nutritional strategy and focus on stress reduction, improved sunlight and solid sleep strategies to balance hormones to achieve great looking and healthy bodies.   When hormones are allowed to remain unbalanced…fat loss becomes problematic and a real struggle.  

Dr Tara’s conclusions have been published in her book “the secret life of fat”.

Aging, Disease and EstrogenA

US endocrinologist, Dr Ray Peat concludes that aging is linked to increased estrogen production.   The biological effects of aging on tissues and organs are identical to the same effects of excessive estrogen.  These effects are an accelerated accumulation of age pigmentation in skin, issues in pregnancy with increased occurrences of miscarriage and a  degeneration in a number of internal organs.  Excessive estrogen is present in degenerative bone disease, liver and thyroid disease.

High doses of estrogen can cause necrosis.  Necrosis is the death of cells in tissues and muscles.  Tumours are linked with prolonged estrogenic stimulation leading to higher concentration of estrogen. High estrogen also reduces the amount of oxygen available to cells.  Oxygen is an essential component of cellular respiration and the life of our cells.  Estrogen therefore is also associated with muscle loss.  

Researchers such as Selye and Syznt-Gyorgyi spend most of their careers studying the impacts of estrogen on muscle and tissue.    They observed that excessive estrogen imitates a shock response.  The body’s shock response increases cortisol, decreases blood pressure, increases water uptake from the blood by tissues and organs.  As a result, arteries become constricted.  This physiological response is a huge contributing factor to varicose veins. Varicose veins are a common indicator of a body with excess estrogen.  

Tissues exposed to high levels of estrogen can become poorly oxygenated.  Cells in shock operate in a very low state of energy.  Hypertonic solutions of glucose and salt have been found to be very therapeutic to reverse high cortisol due to the physical or emotional states of trauma.  With good levels of simple sugars and salt, ProMetabolic nutrition has been designed with the reduction of cortisol levels in mind.

Excessive estrogen directly lowers body temperature. A lower body temperature also results in a lower metabolic rate, poorer energy, reduced health and slower fat burning.  

Excessive estrogen is also associated with PMS symptoms, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, heavy or long menstruation, a stressful life, increased age pigmentation, autoimmune conditions, constipation, low energy, chronic fatigue, cellulite, difficulty losing weight, high percentage of bodyfat, food cravings and……..are you ready for this….experiencing highly emotional behaviours!!!!

Excessive estrogen production is directly related to the physiology of stress.  To achieve hormonal balance, it is important to understand and identify all toxic chemicals and stressful physical processes directly activated by estrogen. There are many factors that can be adjusted in our diet and our environment to oppose these estrogenic and age-accelerating influences. It is our goal and focus to achieve hormonal balance. Providing and promoting the best conditions for the body to operate efficiently is the fundamental objective of our work at ProComp.  

Pro-Metabolic Nutrition and how to use it to reduce excess estrogen

ProComp’s prometabolic nutritional strategies are congruent with hormonal balancing, stress minimization and inflammation reduction. 

Focusing on these factors are some of the most powerful controllers of physiology and hormones.  That sentence should be read again as understanding this concept is extremely important.  

A Pro-Metabolic diet is the number one strategy to balance estrogen and progesterone levels.  Food choices can either increase estrogen dominance or help balance it.   Pro-Metabolic Nutrition recommends natural foods void of additives, chemical and processed foods.  It is really unfortunate that many people consume foods and adopt diets that contain significant amounts of estrogen.  High levels of estrogen are found in tofu, soy products, processed foods and legumes.

A Pro-Metabolic diet recommends and uses saturated fats as they help with sex steroidal conversion.  It avoids any and all foods containing Polyunsaturated fatty acids found in a multitude of produce including vegetable oils as they block hormone conversion. 

“The estrogen promoting actions of soy oil is applied to all the commonly used polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are the exact same fatty acids that suppress thyroid gland function and they all have estrogenic effects.” – .

Dr Ray Peat. Natural Estrogens

“Isoflavones……now promoted as “antioxidants” ……. are toxic to many organs and have clear estrogenic effects.  When present prenatally, they cause feminization of the male genitalia and early maturation of the female offspring.”

“American women that eat soy products undergo changes that appear to predispose them to cancer”  Dr Ray Peat.  Natural Estrogens.

Dr Ray Peat. Natural Estrogens

Dr. Ray Peat’s carrot salad is a daily favourite recommended by ProComp for reducing excessive endotoxins.   Daily carrot salad that includes grated carrot with coconut oil, sea salt and vinegar or bamboo shoots help bind to unused estrogens and flush them out. This also assists with regularity. The carrot fiber has both a bowel protective and an antiestrogenic effect.  Studies have been conducted with women who suffered from PMS. Serum estrogen levels were measured before and after consuming our recommended carrot salad. The results concluded that the carrot lowered their estrogen within a few days, as it relived their symptoms.

Pro-Metabolic Nutrition also ensures enough quality protein is consumed to nourish the liver so that the liver can do its job and detoxify excess estrogens.

We encourage everyone to be very aware of added hormones to meat, grain fed beef, cage chickens and eggs. We are directly consuming additional hormones that these animals have eaten or have had injected directly into the animals. This potentially causes a hormonal imbalance. Our livers are efficient organs.  When overloaded with synthetic estrogens, the liver struggles and can become damaged or inefficient.

We encourage and strongly recommend the use of grass-fed beef, gelatin from grass-feed produce, organic chicken and free-range eggs.

Finally, natural simple sugars found in ripe tropical fruit, raw honey and pulp free orange juice are also a staple in our nutritional strategy and plans.  Simple sugars are digested quicker and are less likely to ferment in the intestines. Fermentation causing endotoxins and bloating.  Reducing estrogen and consumption of more simple sugars is a great way to reduce or eliminate bloating.  Accelerated transit times occurs when food is eliminated quickly.  This also prevents the reabsorption of the estrogen which have been eradicated by bile. 

Simple sugars are also correlated with reducing cortisol.  And as discussed above, a high stressed state (excess cortisol) will elevate estrogen.

Hydrolyzed collagen powder, or gelatin, is used in our plans as it supports progesterone production and opposes excess estrogen.

Pro-Metabolic nutrition is about eating a unique food combination that assists to regulate thyroid hormone conversion to help reduce excessive estrogen.  To reduce excessive estrogen, we recommend consuming as much Pro-thryoid food as possible.

Hypothyroidism leads to Hypoestrogenism. People who have a thyroid gland or hormone deficiency typically have elevated estrogen levels.   So….this is an integral part of hormonal balancing .  Thyroid hormones support progesterone and progesterone opposes estrogen.

Pro-Metabolic Meal Plans

If you are serious about hormonal health, then it is important to commit to your nutrition.

Do you own 12-week challenge.   Our 12-week Pro-Metabolic Boost and Shred meal plans will help decrease excess estrogen and increase thyroid hormone production. Lose body fat without destroying your hormones or metabolism.   Our 12-week plans are based on Dr Ray Peat Nutrition Framework.  Dr Peat has dedicated his career researching nutrition and hormones.

Three really great journal articles by Dr Peat:

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