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10 ways to balance hormones and get rid of bloating.

It’s a miserable experience to have a bloated stomach and it seems to haunt most women at some time.   It feels like you’ve ingested an inflatable water balloon and can be really, really uncomfortable and unsightly.

Bloating is generally the result of either, DIET, DIGESTION, STRESS…and more often than not it is a HORMONAL IMBALANCE at play.


Estrogen and Progesterone directly impact fluid retention.    When estrogen levels are elevated, more water retention occurs. This is why bloating is common the days leading up to the menstrual cycle.  During Menopause and peri menopause, estrogen and progesterone levels dramatically fluctuate and bloating can become more regular.   


Estrogen and subsequently bloating is also accumulated in our bodies from our diet or environment.  We are constantly exposed to estrogen-like compounds called xenoestrogens that are found in foods that contain toxic pesticides, herbicides and growth hormones.   Whether we take them actively via processed foods or absorb them via our skin care products, harmful estrogens surround us.  When our liver is working in tip top condition, it will detoxify excess estrogens. If stress, alcohol or any numbers of factors inhibit our detoxification systems, we risk excess estrogen present in our bodies.


Hormonal upheaval can also play havoc with the digestive tract.  The role of hormones and gastrointestinal issues like bloating is well documented.

Whilst having too much estrogen is linked to bloating, having too little can also lead to water retention.  This is because estrogen has a direct effect on the production of bile. When estrogen levels are low, bile production decreases.  Bile is produced by the liver to help with digestion and is lubricant for the small intestines.  Without adequate bile, water products from food accumulate in the small intestines and bloating and / or constipation can occur.


Elevated estrogen can also be due to stress.  Stress from work, relationships, not enough sleep, ill health, being too busy, etc.    Stress can actually free inactive estrogen to active estragon and boom…weight gain and water retention!!


Low thyroid functioning or a slow metabolic rate, can also lead to increased estrogen.   Quite simply, estrogen binds to the proteins to which thyroid hormone would normally bind, inhibiting the conversion of inactive T4 to T3.   


  1. Increase thyroid hormone conversion and support your metabolism by eating a PRO-THYROID friendly diet. A plan that contains natural simple sugars, quality proteins and saturated fats.  Our Pro-Metabolic meal plans are Pro-thyroid friendly plan designed to increase thyroid hormone conversion and support metabolism.
  • Hormone balancing carrot salad – according to Dr Peat’s research, a grated carrot with coconut oil, sea salt and vinegar can raise thyroid function, lower inflammation, and reduce excess estrogen amounts stored in the body, while favoring progesterone.
  • Include Gelatin. The glycine in gelatin is an anti estrogen and actually promotes progesterone production.  ProComp includes quality hydrolyzed beef gelatin or bone broth in all our Pro-Metabolic meal plans.
  • Take care of your liver…reduce alcohol and eat quality protein – Since the liver breaks down estrogen, alcohol consumption, drug use, liver disease, and any other factor that impairs healthy liver function can spur an estrogen build-up.
  • Be aware of toxin skin care products – Avoid exposure to xenoestrogens from plastics, cosmetics and cleaning products.  Xenoestrogens mimic the effects of estrogens,  “whether weak or strong the estrogenic response of a chemical, if not overcome will add extra estrogenic burden to the system”  Dr Ray Peat
  • Manage your stress. When stress is high, progesterone is used to manufacture the stress hormone cortisol, often resulting in an excess of estrogen.  Excessive stress also lowers adrenal function and tips the estrogen/progesterone ratio to favoring estrogen.
  • Sleep well.  Maintaining poor sleep habits cause a reduction in the hormone melatonin, which helps protect against estrogen dominance. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night in a cool, dark room.
  • Avoid soy productsSoy phytoestrogens wreak havoc on the endocrine system, lower thyroid functioning and raise estrogen.  
  • Consider Vitamin E supplementation. Vitamin E has anti-estrogenic effects and has been described as the “progesterone- sparing agent,”
  1. Decrease anything that blocks hormone synthesis.  Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids such as vegetable oils and processed foods and a muscle meat heavy diet will block hormone synthesis.  All Pro-Metabolic meal plans favour saturated fats such as coconut oil and butter over PUFA’s to improve metabolic health and hormonal balance

PROCOMP’S PRO-METABOLIC MEAL PLANS have been created around the research of leading endocrinologist Dr Peat. The plans use unique Pro-Thyroid nutrients to specifically reduce excess estrogen and increase thyroid hormone conversion.  All foods are easily digestible and the focus is about eating MORE real food that nourishes the body and balances blood sugar. A Pro-metabolic meal plan approach supports metabolic functioning and efficiency…and…whollah…reduces bloating and increases fat loss.

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