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Because fat loss favours a fast metabolism.

My research into the work of leading endocrinologist Dr Peat has helped me understand how eating food which increases metabolism also expedites fat burning.

When the goal is to lose body fat without destroying metaobolism – then what you eat will either work for you or against you.     So my top 5 food I make sure my clients and I eat everyday…:


Watermelon, Pineapple, Cherries, Papaya, Rockmelon – restorative, nourishing, pro-metabolic, healthy.

Tropical ripe fruit is included in all my pro-metabolic nutrition plans.   

Fruits are great sources of simple sugar.  Sugar is a metabolic stimulator.  The faster your metabolism the more you can eat and the easier you burn fat.     

Fruit is delicious, it will satisfies your sweet tooth and reduce cravings.   It’s easy to digest, it’s natural and has no toxic anti metabolic substances.   Fruit has the perfect ratio of fructose to glucose. When fruit is ripe the nutrients are at their peak.

Quite simply, natural sugar fuels metabolism. The liver needs sugar to convert t4 to t3. Without an adequate supply of glycogen, thyroid production slows down which downregulates metabolism.

What we don’t often hear about is that our cells do not release Insulin for fructose to be utilized. It is in the presence of insulin that fat storage

“Fructose inhibits the stimulation of insulin by glucose, so eating sucrose in place of starch will reduce the tendency to store fat”. Dr Peat.

Steven Guyenet, biochemist, Ph.D. Obesity researcher reports “fruit is not fattening and may in fact be slimming”.

“Eating fruit does not contribute to fat gain but instead favours leanness”.

Simple sugars from fruit also provide our bodies with more energy – and our energy really is our greatest resource.   No more exhausting, depleting weight loss plans.   So fruit im weight loss plans – absolutely because fructose increases energy without increasing body weight.


Sucrose (natural sugar found in OJ and fruit) is essential for keeping metabolism fast as it increases the conversion of T4 to T3 and ensures healthy thyroid gland functioning.

AND….Increasing metabolism is the primary mechanism which helps accelerate fat burning.

Orange Juice contains the anti-inflammatory flavonoids naringin and naringenen, which helps decrease fat mass and reduce the fat gain associated with imbalanced hormones, particularly estrogen.

100% pure OJ.  No additives, fillers or colours.  High in magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C and antioxidants.  And so great for immune functioning.

3. DAIRY (Yes cheese and milk)

Calcium plays an essential role in increasing metabolism and fat burning.

As concluded by Dr. Ray Peat an esteemed endocrinologist,

“Calcium inhibits the fat-forming enzymes, fatty acid synthase, reducing the formation of fats and at the same time it activates the uncoupling proteins in the mitochondria…. Calcium increases the metabolic rate, the uncoupling proteins burn calories faster while they protect against free-radical oxidations.”

Dairy is also a perfectly balanced food containing protein, carbs and fat. This is essential for keeping blood sugar levels stable and fat burning constant.

Dairy is an amazing non-inflammatory quality protein source.   A diet high in calcium will also have significant anti stress effects (when calcium isn’t sufficient parathyroid stress hormone increases).  I never eliminate dairy when I diet.

  4. SHELLFISH (Prawns, scallops etc)

A fabulous protein source.  No added hormones, toxins or antibiotics.  Rich in minerals, nourishing to the liver.    Non inflammatory.

Protein is essential for a healthy liver and the liver has to be healthy for fat burning to be a priority.   Protein is also necessary for hormone production, blood sugar regulation, tissue repair and detoxification.

By eating more  shellfish/seafood than muscle meat (chicken beef) you are  consuming the whole animal and the amino acid profile is more balanced, more pro-Metabolic and non-inflammatory.   Too much muscle meat is high in tryptophan and can slow thyroid production.


Coconut oil is just awesome for stimulating metabolic rate which will result in faster more efficient fat burning.    Coconut oil is also anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti bacterial and contains no PUFA’s   Fats are essential for hormone production and help fat burning.     

Coconut oil has been found to support thyroid gland functioning by allowing more thyroid hormone to be secreted.  This increases metabolic rate and fat burning. 

Coconut oil contains ketones that can be burned in place of sugar.  It therefore provides IMMEDIATE ENERGY.  The body responds with increased energy as if carbs have been consumed.  This does not cause an insulin response or impact blood sugar levels.  Coconut oil goes straight to the liver and does not get stored as fat like other fats.

Coconut oil is more effective for fat loss than any other fat. 


A shameless plug for my pro-metabolic meal plans.  These plans will help increase thyroid functioning, balance hormones, and help increase metabolic rate.   And this folks is the secret to getting lean, without destroying metabolism or hormones.   Its simple – a faster metabolism helps expedite fat loss.

If your metabolism has been damaged from over dieting then these plans will help repair your metabolic rate.     If you want to reap the many benefits of an optimised metabolism then these plans will help provide the guidance to put pro-metabolic nutrition in place.   Easy to follow, several options for each meal …..liberating, energising and nourishing.

Don’t hesitate to PM my any questions.

Your coach






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