• ProComp’s 4-day Synergistic Superset training program is a program done over a 4 day per week training schedule.
  • It focuses on a lower recovery time between each superset to gain density and conditioning to the muscle group targeted.
  • Every major muscle group is hit strategically with intensity over a 4 day split.
  • This program is suitable for intermediate trainers.
  • The program is suitable for both men and woman who are looking for a solid training program over 4 days.
  • You MUST work hard and you must be hitting your failure at the end of the work sets.
  • The sets described below are your working sets and do not include warm up sets. Working sets are a minimum of 70-80% maximum lift weight for first superset exercise then 50-60% on second superset exercise.
  • Compound exercises have been added in every day with the view to stimulate good quality muscle activation, growth and or toning.
  • Chiselling and isolation exercises have been included to ensure that a totally balanced chiselled physique is created. You need to aim to increase weight each set and then the following week you are progressing again by increasing weight again. Do not perform all these sets at the same weight. Starting too light is better than starting too heavy.
  • Focus on technique and breaking PBs on last set. It is these small increases, which ensure your progress through this program.
  • Rest and recovery should be between 60 sec and 90 seconds between each set. One week off every 8 weeks.
  • Important to explode at the beginning of each movement regaining balance and control from the initial movement.
  • Full range of movement with no lockouts at the top of contraction with shoulders and chest.
  • There is no recovery between superset exercises… finish the first exercise and then follow up immediately with the superset exercise.
  • Reps are in the low medium range.
  • Muscle to mind connection and contractions are to be performed at all times with each rep.


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